Feeling Sick After a Car Accident Can Be the Sign of a Serious Injury


In some cases, feeling nauseous (and even vomiting) after a car accident can be a symptom of anxiety due to the stressful nature of a traumatic event such as a car accident. If you have ever been in a car accident, you know just how nerve-racking it can be. However, in some cases, feeling sick after a car accident could be the sign of something more serious going on with your body. No matter what the case, if you feel nauseous after a car accident, you need to seek immediate medical attention.

Let’s take a look at what some of the more serious injuries that could be going on when you are feeling nauseous after an accident.


This is probably one of the first injuries that are associated with nausea and vomiting. If you sustained a head injury in a car accident, there’s a decent chance that you have a concussion; especially if you also have a headache, poor balance, fatigue, amnesia or mental confusion to go along with your vomiting.

Broken Bones

You may not think of nausea and vomiting as a sign of broken bones, but this is often your body’s response to intense pain.

Ligament, Tendon Or Muscle Tears

Soft tissue damage is a common injury type with car accidents. Similar to broken bones, these can cause some serious pain. When this type of injury is sustained, it is fairly common for a person to become sick as a reaction to the pain.

Internal Bleeding

Internal bleeding can be difficult to diagnose if the correct tests were not administered after an accident. However, if you notice that you are feeling sick to go along with some bruising on your chest, abdomen or back area, there is a chance that you are suffering from internal bleeding. In other words, there is an internal organ that may have been punctured due to the intense impact of the car accident. This is a serious injury that needs immediate medical attention.

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