Can Mammography Screenings Be Skipped? 


Caring for your health is one of the most important things to do. Screenings are done for the purpose of detecting any existing health issues you might have with your tissues. You should not skip any of your scheduled screenings as they can be a good chance to diagnose any existing issues in your body. 

These issues might seem small to you in the beginning, but they can quickly become more severe over time if you start ignoring them. If you decide to skip your screening, the medical professionals will not be able to help you determine a plan and take into consideration any possible issues. You should visit a specialist and get the help you need. 

Why Should You Not Skip Mammography Screenings?

  • Helps In Early Detection

It is very crucial to understand that mammography screenings play a significant role in early detection and prevention of breast cancer. The images taken during mammography procedures, also known as mammograms, can help to detect cancer at an early stage, even before any symptoms are noticeable. 

Early detection of cancer is very important as it can help you to make informed decisions before it is too late. You can start developing a specialized treatment plan before it is too late to mitigate the cancer. When the detection is done in the earlier stages, it gets easier to recover from the cancer and it improves the treatment outcomes.

  • Increases the Survival Chances 

If you are one of the people who gets the news of having cancer in the early stages, you can quickly start following a suitable treatment plan made specially for your medical condition. This option gets taken away from the people who ignore the screenings, and their cancer grows to a stage where they have all the symptoms and their chances of battling it are very low. Going for regular screenings decreases the chances of something bad happening to you. 

You must know that breast cancer develops without showing any significant symptoms. You will feel absolutely normal, yet unknowingly, there’s a cancer growing inside your body until you start the treatment at the right time. Regular screenings help in better long-term outcomes. When your cancer is detected in its early stages, the treatment options are less expensive and more effective. It is very crucial to understand the importance of regular screenings. 

  • Monitoring The Changes 

Once you know that you have breast cancer, you start following a plan custom-made for you by your healthcare provider. You have to stick to the plan, and a part of that plan will include regular screenings to monitor your progress. The healthcare provider consists of these screenings in your plan to make sure there is a proper track of your recovery, and they also make sure all the prescribed medicines are working without any side effects.

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